Blood Glucose Curves

Monitoring your pet with diabetes can be challenging. Blood glucose curves (BGC) help determine and confirm what treatment plans are needed through at home monitoring.1

Keto was diagnosed with diabetes and after a few months a blood glucose curve needed to be performed. Lance, his owner, took him to the veterinarian who recommended performing it at home and using a blood glucose meter like Test Buddy™ which is calibrated specifically for dogs and cats with diabetes.

Test Buddy™ meter also works with the Test Buddy™ App allowing pet owners to easily track, monitor and share their pet’s blood glucose results with their veterinarian.

Paw Pattern

Blood Glucose Curves At Home vs In Hospital

Lance didn’t understand why the blood glucose curve needed to be performed at home, so the veterinarian explained to him the benefits, and why this was recommended to help him and Keto.

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